For many individuals, the idea of attorneys and courthouses conjures up an image of high-profile criminal cases. These types of cases have caught the public’s attention in the past and have sometimes become synonymous with the U.S. justice system. However, there is another type of litigation that is also important for achieving justice in the U.S. — civil litigation. To better inform readers on civil suits and how they work, we’ve looked to information on Juan Monteverde. …

As the pace of life in our society has increased through the advent of modern technology, many people have taken to setting increasingly ambitious goals for themselves. While this type of goal-setting can be beneficial, it can also be important to couple this attitude with a powerful trait that can be critical in achieving those goals — the ability to focus. To explore the many benefits of this trait, we turned to the career of Juan Monteverde, a successful securities attorney. Read on for an overview of how he’s used his ability to focus to advance his professional life.


For aspiring or young attorneys, quality career information can be difficult to come by. However, it’s not impossible to find if you look for it and one of the most reliable sources often comes from experienced attorneys accomplished in their respective fields. That’s why we’ve taken time to look to the professional life of Juan Monteverde, a securities attorney known for his work in protecting shareholder rights. Read on to see information drawn from the attorney’s lengthy career that now has him running his own firm.

Careers are marathons

The first thing to be aware of when planning a career…

Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde, head of Monteverde & Associates, is a securities attorney based in New York. Juan’s firm focuses its efforts on protecting shareholder rights.

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